domenica 24 ottobre 2010

one day at the flea market with bla bla shop

Last Sunday me and my friends decided to visit a peripheral flea market for a change (we've been too "locals" lately)

lunedì 18 ottobre 2010

JULIAN KEY The inventor of advertising posters without text.

Julian Key is the artist name of Julien Keymolen, the well known illustrator artist of Zaventem.
He has dedicated all of his professional live to commercial poster design with a remarkable effectiveness.
The techniques he has been using is silkscreen printing, drawing, pastel and painting.

Julian Key (1930 - 1999)

"Lait" Poster for an advertising campaign promoting the drinking of milk in Belgium. by Julian Key 1956

"150 jaar Spoorwegen" by Julian Key 1985

"Tigra" by Julian Key 1965
"Assubel, l'assureur qui ne vous laisse pas tomber". Assubel is a live insurance company.

mercoledì 13 ottobre 2010

THAT! dog

That Dog (styled as that dog.) was a Los Angeles-based rock band that formed in 1991 and dissolved in 1997.
The band consisted of Anna Waronker on lead vocals and guitar, Rachel Haden on bass guitar, her sister Petra Haden on violin, and Tony Maxwell on drums. Their punkpower-pop songs were full of hooks and many layered vocal harmonies.

The group began when Anna and a friend, Jenni Konner, began writing short punk songs about boys in her bedroom. Waronker had known Petra and Rachel Haden since high school, so they fluidly found their way in to playing her songs with her. Mutual friend Tony Maxwell picked up the drum duties.

Their first album, which was self-titled, was originally released on a limited run as a double 7" on the independent label Magnatone Records in 1992. It was soon after re-released on cassette and compact disc by Geffen. During this time, the band was good friends with, often played on records by, and toured with label mates Beck and Weezer. Members contributed to the Beck songs "Girl of My Dreams" and "Totally Confused", as well as Weezer's "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams", all released as B-sides by the aforementioned artists.

01 old timer.
02 jump.
03 raina.
04 you are here.
05 just like me.
06 she.
07 angel.
08 westside angst.
09 she looks at me.
10 punk rock girl.
11 zodiac.
12 family functions.
13 she looks at me (reprise).
14 paid programming.
15 this boy.

giovedì 7 ottobre 2010