lunedì 31 gennaio 2011

Miss X & The Profumo Affair

Miss X was a pseudonym used by actress Joyce Blair
(sister of the infamous tap dancer, TV parlour game contestant and all-round family entertainer, Lionel Blair). Her saucy single, "Christine", was banned by the BBC as it was suspected to refer to the
(then recent) Profumo affair.
The Profumo Affair was a 1963 British political scandal named after John Profumo, Secretary of State of War. His affair with Christine Keeler, a London call girl, the reputed mistress of an alleged Russian spy, followed by lying in the House of Commons when he was questioned about it, forced the resignation of Profumo and damaged the reputation of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan's government.

domenica 30 gennaio 2011


I have a soft spot for children's books, expecially when they're beautifully illustrated.

And if you're dealing with a Roy McKie's book, you can be sure that you have a treasure in your hands.

I've found the initial book he illustrated for the Beginner Books series edited by "the cat in the hat".

Here's the preview:

"The Book of Riddles"

is avaiable in our

Vintage Bookshop

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lunedì 10 gennaio 2011

Jazz On a Summer’s Day by Bert Stern

Jazz on a Summer's Day
is a documentary film set at the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island,
filmed and directed by the famous Bert Stern.
As the most stylish and tasteful people of the time were jazz musicians in first place, and also jazz fans;
"Jazz on a Summer’s Day" is not only a great music documentary, it’s also an interesting snapshot
of the bygone fashion era:
cat-eye sunglasses, crew cuts, wayfarers, girls with cardigans, pony-tails and pedal-pushers, pork-pie hats, wide brim hats and pachuco trousers. Not a coincidence that the director was a fashion photographer.
I absolutely have to show you an extract of the great
Anita O'day singing "Sweet Georgia Brown"
she sends chill down my spine.

domenica 9 gennaio 2011

Naj Oleari - Il libro delle sensazioni

Il libro delle sensazioni,

Gianni Rodari - Filastrocche in cielo e in terra

I was super lucky to see Gianni Rodari when I was in elementary school.
I have to say that I remember almost nothing about him, it was two decades ago; but I vaguely remember he did some beautiful drawings on the blackboard and that these, line upon line, became other shapes, other subjects. We kids remained amazed by this man.
Although I don't remember much about him, that day he surely left something inside me; so much that I don't lose any opportunity to buy his works when I happen to find them.
This is a 7'' record I found, it is titled: "carols in the sky and on earth (after rain)"

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sabato 1 gennaio 2011

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~ Happy 2011 from Bla Bla Shop!!~
╚════════ ❤ ═══════╝

Bla Bla crew is now ready with the new entries!
We went to all christmas flea markets, and thought about you for the next season items!
So, Happy 2011 to all of you gals and guys. Without you all, we wouldn't even have the possibility to go on with our project. I can't tell you how much we appreciated your support in 2010, and we hope that we'll deliver more contents for your shopping in 2011.
hope you're having fun,
'cos we do!